Classes Offered

Ashtanga Open

Taught in the traditional Ashtanga method.  This class will explore the Primary Series (Yoga Chikitsa).  Starting with Sun Salutations it will progress through the standing series, primary sequence and closing sequence with some modifications and clarification of the postures.

Vinyasa Flow

Linking movement and breath together, this class is a well rounded journey of postures, breathing and meditation.  This class will evolve in an evolutionary flow of movement, each series of postures linking to the next to open the physical body, mind and awareness of self.  It is suitable for all levels.

Chakra Flow

A vinyasa based class that moves dynamically through the energy centers of the body. A variety of postures, breathing and meditation are combined to awaken and bring awareness and balance to each of the seven chakras of the physical body and mind. This class will leave you feeling energized yet calm and balanced. Suitable for all levels.

Vinyasa Krama Flow

An energetic, flowing class that brings together postures, breathing and meditation in a dynamic sequence. Each sequence of poses builds in an evolutionary krama, allowing the body and mind to open gradually to build strength, balance and fluidity of movement.

Private Instruction

Whether you are just beginning your yoga journey or a seasoned practitioner, private instruction will give you a personal approach to your practice helping you to identify individual needs and encouraging you to grow in your practice.  Available in my studio or in your own home or place of work.


Join me throughout the year for various workshops, intensives and retreats to enhance your practice. Sports Specific Workshops include Yoga for Cyclists, Runners, Skiers, Tennis Players and Golfers.  New Year’s and Spring workshops are Vinyasa Cleanse, Flow and Renew.  Rotating workshops include Chakra Flow Intensive and The Art of Evolutionary Vinyasa.