School Yoga

  • Yoga is practical, low cost preventative medicine
  • Improves student capacity for self-regulation
  • Yoga promotes physical, mental and emotional health
  • Enhances the ability to focus, concentrate and integrate information
  • Increases ease in classroom management for students and teachers
  • Increases physical strength, balance and flexibility

  • As a Yoga Ed®  Instructor, Heather brings Yoga into the classroom through the YOGA ED TOOLS FOR TEACHERS PROGRAM, a classroom management workshop that trains teachers to use simple yoga based techniques to enhance learning readiness and wellness for themselves and their students.

    The TOOLS FOR TEACHERS PROGRAM is an accredited Professional Development Training and is approved for one unit of Continuing Education Credit through Boise State University and Northwest Nazarene University.  This 16-hour course has been offered through the Boise School District Professional Development Department. It is available for schools and individual teachers looking to fulfill professional development and continuing educations requirements.

    Bring Yoga to Your School

    YOGA ED. TOOLS FOR TEACHERS are yoga-based techniques such as conscious breathing, basic yoga poses, and simple movement games and visualizations. All activities are designed for the classroom, require no extra equipment or space and take only 5-15 minutes to produce positive results. According to the classroom teachers that use these tools, the time spent on yoga is well worth it! Available as 2 hour,  4 hour or full day workshops or as a teacher in-service program


    “This Program has helped me to help kids realize they do have control in their lives.  By giving students the Yoga Tools they are able to regulate their feelings and control their “learning” state.  I love the fact that I see kids in my classroom using these tools on their own, without prompting from me.  They are more aware of their emotional state, so they are able to get themselves where they need to be. –Tina Skinner, 2nd grade teacher-

    “Yoga tools really set the mood for a great learning environment in math.  Students said they felt calm, relaxed, energized and ready to learn!  Also, they were smiling! –Maria Turner, 6th grade, Valley View Elementary-

    YOGA ED. K-8 CURRICULUM FOR PHYSICAL EDUCATION  is an educational program that combines a science-based exploration of the body, mind and self with the exercise system of yoga to support and enhance learning, health and personal responsibility. Yoga Ed. serves to help children be learning ready, physically fit, aware of self and others and confident. Available for 12-36 week curriculum series for grades K-8. The Yoga Ed curriculum meets national guidelines for physical education requirements.